Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is the most preferable hosting plan for large business and ecommerce websites. In dedicated server hosting a huge computer system with immense power in it is reserved to host a single website so that you can completely utilize its server resources. Having so much power and features in it make it the most expensive hosting server which is one of the reasons people obtain it on lease.

Now dedicated server hosting is of two types and most of the people are unaware of it. A reliable web hosting company offers both managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting: In managed dedicated server hosting all your hosting activities are managed by your host, initially they provide operating system (OS) installation, application installation, back-up facility and any other service you might need can be managed by your host.
Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting: In unmanaged dedicated server hosting you’ll get basic OS installation with basic security settings, rest you have to manage by yourself. If you required any application software you have to install it by yourself and also you need to configure your security settings according to your desire.
Managed dedicated server hosting is costly then unmanaged dedicated server hosting as you have to pay extra for the services. People who don’t have much knowledge about server management should obtain managed dedicated server hosting in order to avoid any kind of problem because a minor mistake can become costly. As compared to that people who have knowledge about servers should obtain unmanaged dedicated server hosting as cost is an effective factor.

Business website owners give priority to the server uptime and with dedicated server hosting you can have maximum server uptime. A reliable hosting company houses its dedicated server in reliable data centers to ensure maximum performance of a server. In data center they monitor and maintain dedicated server at it best so that you can have maximum server uptime.

Another reason to choose dedicated server hosting is application support, other cheap hosting plans don’t provide complete support for all the applications but with dedicated server hosting you can freely use any type of programming language or application in your website.

Above all you can have 24/7 technical support along with these features. A reliable hosting company provide 24/7 technical support in order to ensure quality of services and also you can contact them anytime you want.

So people having business websites looking for reliable hosting server should choose dedicated server hosting and obtain it from best dedicated server hosting provider.