Terms of Service

These are some simple rules our clients must follow, otherwise, it can lead to an warning and then account termination if not fixed. Rules are the foundation of great service, security, and overall trust between client and host. As long as we understand, we can keep our servers/services problem free for everyone Please note: Rules are subject to change

Payments and Ordering It's very simple. We only use PAYPAL because it's fast and secure for us and you. It's easy at the same time and we will be able to get your order done at a quicker pace. Please make sure all your information is correct, therefore preventing any further problems. When your done ordering, we will get back to you within a few hours and send you an invoice. You then have 5 days to send us payment, otherwise everything will be cancelled. We also have the right to refuse if we find something fraudulent or receive incorrect information from you. All renewals should be paid before hand or an late fee can be incurred. Everything else flows from there, just please make sure you use Correct Information (Name,address,email) to ORDER.
Overdue Payments/Cancellations Please try to avoid these, they can result in an reactivation fee if cancelled. Late payments will also result in an fee and if I fail to hear from you at all, your account will be fully terminated. Cancellations require at least an 7 day notice before the next billing term. The customer's account data will be terminated 7 days after the cancellation notice.
Domain Name/Rentals Domains are rented out to the customer as token of appreciation for buying hosting with us, therefore we register and retain ownership, basically. If for any reason your account is terminated or you decide to cancel you will no longer have access to the domain as well. Free domains remain free for one year and are regular domain price thereafter.
Forbidden Content on Server The following list of things are not allowed on the server: Hate sites
Phishing sites,spam websites
pornography or anything related to PORN or child porn
any obscene material or images, social networking sites
audio or video streaming, gambling websites, online gaming, image/file hosting
warez hosting or linking, proxy sites
pirated content, virus/malware
spyware, outdated softare, roundcube
any torrent sharing type of websites
or PHPizabi and YaBB Forums.
Please be advised that FORUMS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED due to mail server problems they can cause, bots joining, and overall spam caused
Examples of unacceptable websites that can undergo deletion: - A warez download site - An open proxy site - A large video streaming website - A large forum with 25,000 members - An e-commerce shop selling counterfeit clothes - A 'hacking club' website
As an client, please make sure you follow the terms an conditions as they are very important to keep the server running smoothly and fast. If any of the customer's have any restricted content on their site/account, your account can undergo suspension or termination without further notice.
Usage When iceglow.net means Unlimited/Unmetered, it doesnt mean our customers should go overboard and overload our servers. We have to try and keep our server load to a minimum and therefore ask not to go crazy with the space usage and try not to cause problems with the server. That way, we all are happy =)
Acount Termination or Suspension We hold the right to account termination or suspension if we find anyone not following our rules or breaching terms of service.
Downtime/Backups Server downtime is possible but unlikely and we cannot be held responsible for it. We ask our customers to make sure they do weekly or monthly Backups of their files and will be reminded of as well. Our server also does daily backups but its best to have your own as well.
Free Trials/Refunds Unfortunately, we don't do refunds once payment process has taken place. Our customers are free to do Free Trials with us upon request before they decide to stay, but we know they won't regret it.
All Reseller Accounts Reseller account holders must make sure they provide any accounts under their ownership with the same RULES/TERMS OF SERVICE as we do. It is their responsibility to keep an eye on their client accounts, make sure the server doesnt overload and prevent any problems. Please make sure you dont let any restricted content on the server.
Privacy Policy All payment information & user information will not be shared with anyone or third parties.

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